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You never know when your residential or commercial gate may stop working. We are a team of highly trained technicians that help you with gate repairs and installation from start to finish.

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Perhaps the gate motor stops or the gate gets off track, we have you covered.  From the tiny mechanics of a gate, to a full gate replacement, we are available 24/7 for your gate repairs.

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Although we are available at all hours for gate repair, we want to help you avoid any surprise malfunctions by keeping up with gate maintenance.  Schedule your regular gate maintenance.

Gate Repair Los Angeles

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Residential Gate Service

Los Angeles has such beautiful and valued homes. Your home is your comfort and trusted location. At Fix and Go Gate Repair, we want you feel that your home is the best protected. Keeping your family and property secure is most important, as well as the style and design of your entryway gate. With years of experience, we work only with the most reliable Gates and products from the best brands.

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Commercial Gate Service

Security for your business is extremely important and you want it to be easy to manage. To allow access for employees, clients, customers, deliveries, etc, you will want to install a master keypad control system. Let Fix and Go Gate Repair move you away from keys, and incorporate a gate opening system that is reliable and easy to control, even when you are not at the property. We install basic doors to high end commercial gate access systems.

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Electric Gate Repair Los Angeles

Specialists in Automatic Gate Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Fix and Go Gate Repair team is compiled of experts, starting from call service operators, designers, and technicians.  We built our team from the foundation that customer service is our top priority

We are specialists in complete gate repair, which include automatic sliding gates, swinging gates, electric gate parts such as gate motor, gate hinges, gate railing, gate openers, fencing and more. We’re well trained with all manufacturers and of all gate types such as metal gates, aluminum gates, wrought iron gates, and more. We specialize in both residential and commercial gate repair, gate maintenance, and gate installation.

We’re based in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. For emergency automatic gate repairs, our response times will vary, however, we have technicians prepared in all areas of the city to provide you with gate repair needs 24/7. If you are not sure that we cover your area, please call us to check if we can help you.

Automatic Gates Installation

The range of gate options are wide, let our specialists advise on the best solution to be sure your home or business is secure and satisfies the style of the property.


Gate design service

Gate design service is included to make sure your home and/or business is esthetically top notch and provides the most security.
We ensure our best service by offering annual maintenance after your gate installation.  We also offer emergency gate repairs, even if your gate wasn’t installed by Fix and Go Gate Repair.  Since we are so familiar with all manufacturers of automatic gates, we can find a solution to any gate automation issues.

The most common automatic electrical gate issues are no problem for us! Whether the sliding gate won’t open, sliding gate won’t close, swing gate won’t open, swing gate won’t close, the gate is making a noise, the gate is off track, the gates cross, electric gate motor is out of back up batteries, or the gate chain is off, we can solve the issue.

If your automatic gate seems completely damaged or the posts have rotted or expired their use, we are prepared and equipped for proper new gate installation.  We will show you every step of the way where the issue is, options for solving it, and how to install a new gate.

Fix and Go Gate Repair wants to be sure every aspect of your automatic gate is covered, that includes the design.  Not only does the automatic gate provide the best security, an amazing looking gate will increase the value and desirability of your home and/or business.

Types of Gates:
automatic sliding gates, automatic swing gates, cantilever gates, wooden gates, wrought iron gates, aluminum gates

Parts for Gates:
gate chain, gate railing, gate hinges, gate motor, gate keypad, gate opener

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