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Intercom System Repair Los Angeles CA for residences and commercial facilities are now a must-have feature that provides better security and convenience to save you time. Fix and Go offers a wide variety of intercom systems, including wireless, wired, and video intercoms. Ask us about smart home solutions to monitor your home or business entry way from your smart phone. We’ll help you decide which intercom system best meets your security needs, while fitting into your budget. Call us today to discuss your options!
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Wireless Intercom​

Wireless Intercom

A wireless Intercom Los Anglese system is easy to install and runs from internet or radio signals. If your home is not currently equipped with wiring ports, this might be the most convenient and cost efficient option. This allows communication between inside and outside the building, depending on distance between.

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Wired Intercom

If you are currently in the process of building your home, it would be best to install the Wired intercom syatem Los Angeles during construction. The wired intercom provides better quality sound and more reliable for connection. It is also a better option if you are looking to connect a basement or an entry gate that is far away from the building or home.

Video Intercom

Nowadays one of the most popular intercom systems for home is a video intercom Los angeles which allows you to see all visitor prior to entering. It is a wired connection to send a higher quality video feed. Consider your budget and features that you seek to decide if the video intercom is best for you. You can go for a high-end video door phone that comes with features such as zoom, pan and tilt.

Smart Home Intercom

A popular feature these days is being able to monitor and control your home from your phone. Using wi-fi connection, a smart home option allows you view the intercom camera, communicate with visitors and provide entry all from an app on your phone. The system can be used to lock and unlock the front door remotely. Ask us for more details to determine if this is good option for your home or business.
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