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Fence And Gate Repair

fence and gate repair

Cattle cannot be safely contained without sturdy fencing. Sagging fences and gates, broken wires, and downed or unstable poles can all lure animals to make a break for it across a busy road or into unfriendly territory. They also risk injuring or killing themselves if they take such action. Contact fence and gate repair professionals.

The following guidelines are offered to make fence and gate repairs less complicated and more cheap.


By Squeezing the Wire Tighter with a Hammer

It is also easier to use a fence stretcher to tighten sagging wires or splice together damaged wires, but a normal carpenter’s hammer will also do the trick. However, adding more wire also and a tiny piece of smooth wire, measuring between one and two feet in length, can make splicing the repaired wire into the fence much easier. You can also use the extra length to fashion a “hammer roll,” a method of reuniting broken pieces of metal by looping their ends together, and securing them with a tight wire grip.

Repairing and restoring wooden gates and fences to their former glory:

First, give the fence a good scrub down with a pressure washer. To clean your fence also like you would a wooden deck, fill a power washer with soapy water and give it a good scrub.

Check for damage to each post individually, and so on

Moving along the length of your fence, look for any signs of deterioration, such as peeling paint or large fractures or splits in the wood, and repair them as necessary. Wearing gloves is also recommended before touching the slats to avoid getting a splinter.

Fence and gate repair experts remove any slats that are severely damaged

However, if any fence slats are severely damaged, you can pry them off with a crowbar. (The horizontal bar across the fence can be used for leverage.) Slats with cracks also across the length of the board, for example, should be avoided because they are beyond repair. The planks also can be recycled at any local recycling centre.
Switch out the broken or worn slats
Wooden fence slats can be purchased and nailed into place. Look for replacements that are visually consistent with the originals, then use a level to make sure they’re set at the same height. It’s important that fence and gate repair paint or stain every single slat. The surface will be protected from the elements.

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