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Garage Door Repair Irvine, Emergency service is done quickly and with great care. One of the most important things for our Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair Company in Irvine is to ensure that our team works well together and that our vans have everything they need to help you. We do what we say, so you can be sure that we’ll show up on time and finish each service in just one visit.

And we are experts, and our help is worth a lot. We fix intercoms, are experts at gate openers, and can meet all your needs. 

Our team is professional and can fix gates in an emergency. Our service provider is one of the best companies in California and can meet all your needs and standards.


There are many good reasons to have an electric gate that opens automatically, and not many bad ones. This doesn’t have to be expensive, though, because Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair is happy to keep prices low. At least as low as possible. Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair has also been fixing and maintaining electric gates in Irvine at great prices for a long time. Our team is also committed to giving all of our clients a five-star guarantee of customer satisfaction.


Not every company that fixes electric gates can say that they can fix all makes and models. Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair in Irvine, on the other hand, can. Our skilled electric gate repair techs have seen just about everything and can fix everything, from putting things back up and replacing hinges to fixing wrought iron and welding. Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair in Irvine can take care of the problem right away.

That is not okay, and neither should you. You also shouldn’t let them take days to fix something simple. When you call Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair. You can be sure that the job will be done right and quickly. You run a business, and your company can’t wait. We know what you mean.


We work hard to make money at Gates Repair LA & Garage Repair, too. Our trained technicians will do a full diagnostic service on your gate to determine if it needs to be fixed. This quick but thorough process will find all the problems with your electric gate.

Gate openers must be easy to use, have strong motors, and keep people safe.  We carefully put in residential gate openers, and our main goal is to ensure the gate works safely. Once the system is set up, we ensure the reverse mechanism works by blocking the gate’s path. This way, our customers can enjoy a safe electric system without worrying about such things. We ensure that all of the parts of the operator work well with the motor, and we won’t leave until everything is set up perfectly and tested thoroughly. 

Putting in an electric gate

We can help you install a remote control, an infrared beam, or an entirely new gate opener. We sell the best brands at competitive prices, and our professional installation gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Our installation comes with a 5-year guarantee that can’t be beaten.

Intercom systems for phones

We fix problems with phone entry systems, intercom systems, and gate communication devices already in place. If your system stopped working, you’d hear static on the line or only be able to talk to people in one direction.