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Garage Door Opener Repair In Santa Ana CA

Garage door opener repair in Santa Ana CA



Common parts of standard Garage door opener repair in Santa Ana CA include:

  • The garage door can be opened using a remote, ceiling buttons, or a keypad.
  • You can manually open or close the door while still inside the garage with a manual release.
  • When you operate the system, a safety light turns on and shuts off immediately after a set period.
  • Generally, rail segments are designed for garage doors up to 7 feet tall.
  • We provide excellent service of Garage door opener repair in Santa Ana CA.


Torsion springs for garage doors can be replaced for a price ranging from $75 to $150, and a decent torsion spring will typically cost between $70 and $130. Double-door springs may cost $15 to $30 more per spring because of the increased weight and size.

You may want to upgrade the extended springs to torsion ones, which might cost between $400 to $800.Yearly tune-ups typically cost between $50 and $150. Still, they can save you significant money over time if you require any service regarding Garage door opener repair in Santa Ana CA, at minimum.
The costs of these garage door springs are reasonable irrespective of how limited your budget is. When the spring is broken, there are many inherent dangers with using your garage door.

Although it is possible to open a garage door with a broken cable manually, we don’t recommend it.
The procedures described should only be applied with extreme caution in emergencies. A safety mechanism, the spring, and wires keep the door from dropping and are thus present.


You should avoid dealing with the issue if you think the springs and cable are broken because they may also damage the door. Therefore, before trying to operate a garage door manually, always check the entry and any issues it may have. Contact us immediately if you need service of Cable repair in Santa Ana, CA at reasonable rates