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Best Garage Gates Los Angeles

What is the first thing that visitors notice when they come to your house? We did this survey and found out something interesting. Most people replied that a garage gate is the first thing they notice about the house they are to visit. Moreover, this has a huge impact on establishing their first impression of the place. Therefore, we suggest you should invest very wisely in garage door installation.

Nowadays many garage door materials are available in the market namely glass fiber, vinyl, and composite wood; all of which can withstand harsh weather conditions like heat and humidity for a considerable period of time.

Ideally, people choose a garage gate that is stylish while at the same time being within the budget which, as mentioned before, would be a wise investment. With these points in mind, you should consider the following types of garage doors. We at Gates Repair and Replacement, Los Angeles have all of these which you can come and have a look at.

Best Garage Gates

Rolling (Roller) Garage Gate

This garage gate works best if you have limited space at your garage entrance. It works by opening the door rolling it up while rolling it down to close it. At the time of the Rolling garage gate installation, you can customize it to suit your needs or use an automated one.


  1. Can be used in limited space
  2. Saves energy by being well insulated
  3. Usually automatic
  4. Additional storage is provided by the sidewalls
  5. Can be used in any size of garage


  1. Style is limited, only in horizontal ribs style
  2. Sometimes, they can be a bit expensive

Sliding Garage Gate

As evident by its name, this door can be slid to one side of the gateway while being opened. It can be used in all headroom sizes and all garage spaces. It is usually automated. The movement of such a gate is guided by a floor rail which is why it can be used in different openings and it doesn’t even need to be completely closed. Sliding gate repair is also something that we specialize in, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally damage it.


  1. Easily accessible
  2. Can function in limited driveway space
  3. Functions with almost all garage spaces
  4. Automatic door available


  1. A little expensive
  2. No extra storage space

Side-Hinged Garage Gate

This is a classic, old-fashioned door which is used in the modern age as well. Galvanized steel can be used to make such a door whereas a wooden one looks like a massive barn door. It can move either sides due to the presence of springs in it. This door can easily be used if your garage space has limited headroom. You wanna know a unique feature about this door? It can be bought for a Best Garage Gates! Also, like many other garage gates, this one can come in the automated system as well.

Coming to the pros and cons now.


  1. Provides insulation well
  2. Can be automatic
  3. DIY installation
  4. Traditional as well as contemporary styles
  5. Can be used in various garage designs
  6. Easy maintenance
  7. High security


  1. Not a good idea to get it automated
  2. Significant driveway space occupation

Sectional Garage Gate

They are a look-alike of roller garage gates when it comes to opening them up, only this time sliding into the ceiling instead of rolling up. This feature allows them to fit perfectly in short driveways. They provide steady insulation so you can even use your garage in the form of a study room, office or play area.

They can be built from a variety of materials including those that are inexpensive, so your garage gate installation won’t even cost much! The Best Garage Gates door also provides high security and thus is perfect for practical use.


  1. Protects your garage from getting cold
  2. Automatic
  3. Occupies little space
  4. Can come in various sizes
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Can be customized


  1. Comes in limited styles
  2. Garage roof can’t be used as additional storage

Carriage Garage Gate

This kind of garage doors is timeless, as they were in fashion even before cars were invented. They have changed a lot over the years, coming in different materials and various cool finishes but still continue to provide your garage with that perfect classic touch.

The traditional old carriage door used to open outward as it was side-hinged on one side. The new one although opens like a modern sectional one does. This new feature saves space while maximizing its functionality. It can be customized as well.


  1. Gorgeous traditional style
  2. Saves space
  3. Can be made from virtually any material


  1. Installation might be a little costly

Swinging Garage Gate

These gates are suitable for spacious garages as they can be swung inwards or outwards while operating depending on whether you have space inside the garage or outside it.

It can suit homes of various architecture as it comes in a myriad of cool, trendy styles. It’s style is traditional and it is anticipated to always remain in fashion. Most of its users like to use wood for their Best Garage Gates.


  1. Easy operation
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Unique and stylish
  4. Not very expensive


  1. Doesn’t come in automatic form
  2. Occupies a lot of space

Tilt-up Garage Gate

This gate provides high security and simple operation. It can be built from wood, glass fiber and PVC. It has got two main styles

  1. Retractable

This style can be lifted upwards by using hinges. It remains suspended and doesn’t extend a lot but requires space. It’s a little expensive and operates with difficulty too.

  1. Canopy

This garage door style opens the same way as the retractable one but extends beyond the front part of the house, therefore occupying less space and providing easier operation at a reasonable cost.

Both of these styles can be used in automatic and manual forms in different garage spaces. These doors can be inexpensive and an easy fix with being durable and weatherproof as well.

Like every other garage door mentioned above, these ones have there own pros and cons.


  1. Come in a variety of materials
  2. Friendly to use
  3. Provide maximum security
  4. Automatic as well as manual forms
  5. Garage size doesn’t matter


  1. Poor insulation

Ending Words

There are plenty of garage gate styles to choose from, but make sure to try the one that best suits your needs and style. All the garage door styles mentioned above are the best ones out there so you can always choose from these ones and we promise you won’t regret it.

Any more questions? Just give us a call at Garage Door Repair and Installation Los Angeles, and we’d be glad to help you.


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