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A Guide on Fixing Garage Gates

Has your garage gate stopped working?

Are you wondering how to fix your garage door?

Do you want to know if you have to install a new garage door?

If you are being bothered by any such questions, then we at Gates Repair Los Angeles have put together this guide to help you with all your garage door problems.

A Guide on Fixing Garage Gates

Troubleshooting Tips to Practice

Has your garage door stopped working properly? Well, if that’s the case, you should first try these few troubleshooting tips to find out the real problem, its cause and the way to fix that problem.

  1. Plug in your opener and make sure that it was plugged when you had a problem
  2. Clean the sensor eyes and align them
  3. Try to make sure that nothing is causing hindrance while opening the garage gate
  4. Make sure that your garage door’s emergency release handle is not pulled. Try to engage the motor of the opener by pulling the red handle down and moving it towards the garage door
  5. Your opener remote might be having an issue instead of the gate. Try to use a wall mount switch instead

These simple maneuvers should be enough to get your garage door working properly. If they don’t, this means that you need to find a professional for your garage door repair.


Common Problems your Garage Door Faces

There are few such parts of the garage door that are more prone to wear and tear because they are the most used ones. Having knowledge about these parts will help you in finding out the root cause of your troublesome garage door.


There are various types of springs that are used in garage doors. They might be extension springs, torquemaster springs or torsion springs depending on the style of your garage door.

All of these springs have one thing in common. They bear the whole weight of your garage door and are used to lift it as well. One broken garage door spring means that you’ll have trouble opening your garage door, whereas if both the springs are broken, you might not be able to open your garage gate at all.


Rollers for garage doors usually come in sets of 4 located on the top, 2 of them in the middle while 1 set present at the bottom. Rollers help in easy opening and closing of the garage gate by fitting into their tracks. You can find out the malfunctioning of the rollers if your gate is making loud grinding noises when it is opened or operates with halting movements.

What you now need to do is to check these rollers carefully. They might be severely damaged and missing pieces which may cause your garage door to pop out of its track. In that case, you might have to contact your garage door contractor and get them to fix the rollers or replace them.

Garage Door Opener

A garage gate opener opens and closes your garage gate by moving the trolley along the rail. There are a lot of problems that occur due to a faulty opener. Commonly encountered issues with garage door openers are as follows :

  1. Light: Your garage door opener’s light might be flashing without it working properly. If this is happening, first make sure that nothing is hindering the path of your gate. If that’s not the case, count the number of times opener’s light flashes, as it might give a clue about the issue your gate is having.
  2. Sound: Is your opener making working sounds but is still not working? It can be caused by misalignment of the sensor’s eyes or because of the emergency release that might be pulled, so first check these two things. If the opener is still not working, your opener motor’s gears might be broken causing all the weird sounds.
  3. The issue in Closing the Door: Does it happen that your gate closes but then as soon as it touches the ground it opens again? Adjust the force control settings that are present at the back of the opener.
  4. Unresponsive Opener: It sometimes happens that the lights don’t turn on despite the opener being plugged in, and even the door doesn’t function. This means that you need to replace the circuit board of your opener.


The sensor of your garage door is usually placed about 6 inches away from the floor on both sides of the door’s bottom. Both of these sensors are connected via an invisible beam of light which if broken by an object, commands your opener to immediately reverse your garage gate.

Another issue occurs when the sensor’s eyes are not cleaned properly or if they aren’t aligned. In this case, your opener makes sounds like it’s being operated but doesn’t function. Make sure that the sensor’s eyes are aligned and cleaned otherwise call us for your electric gate repair.

Worn out Garage Gate

If your garage door has been worn out due to aging or by you yourself accidentally damaging it, don’t panic.

You can always call us at Automatic Gate Repair to repair the broken panels as long as the track is not damaged as well. It is generally cost-effective to change upto two panels according to the rule of thumb, after which we suggest you should just change the whole thing to make it cost-effective.

When to Call a Professional

If you make up your mind to replace your whole garage door, you should actually call a professional to get your work done. People at Gates Repair Los Angeles have highly professional, experienced and expert technicians and tools to make sure this task is done safely.

There is another reason for you to call a professional for your help. That’s when the springs of your gate are broken or damaged and you want to replace them. They need to be handled with great care and accuracy which if not done, might end up damaging property or life.


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